SoundCore 2 Connectivity Issue

Hi there,

I have a SoundCore 2 which I have been using for 1 week so far, but there are some connectivity issues with it. When I am using youtube, and play some songs, the sounds become interrupted. Then I have to disconnect and reconnect the SoundCore 2 to play the song seamlessly. This has happened with VLC player also.

I am using a Macbook pro and this issue does not happen when I am using my Bose SL3.

So I have multiple BT devices, transmit, receive. Some items simply never get along together well, and for example the Spirit X buds seem to not get along with anything reliably even though I did a warranty replacement.

So just be ready for you may have a bad luck combination you can never solve.

But tips:

  • delete all the pairing relationships
  • reset the pairing history. Not sure how in this device but others its plug into power and hit power + volup together for 5 secs.
  • only ever pair it to one device and if you swap devices, reset fully.

After you tried those you can go to with your problem.

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I haven’t had much issues with Anker and interference but I have had other devices with this type issue. I would do the same steps that @professor suggests. Then try contacting support.

Hi Professor,

I have tried your mentioned solution but it did not resolve my problem. It is weird why this thing happen.

I have played 5 or 6 videos on youtube and after that it just plays the video sound in interruptions (like connect disconnect, connect, disconnect).

Or if sometimes I replay the video the same problem happens.

P.S I have not connected my laptop to any other bluetooth device.

Gather together:

  • proof of purchase, Amazon order screenshot
  • serial number, usually on the USB cable supplied and/or packaging
  • a write-up you tried different approaches, deleted pairing, etc.

Email to with all 3 bits of info and I’m sure they will help you out quickly.