Soundcore 2 Charging issue? HELP!!!

Hi I’ve had my Anker Soundcore 2 for since the 19/06/21 and I placed it on charge last night using the usb lead provided and using a wall charger and this morning and the led is solid red!
Does that mean it’s changed?
I thought that when changed it was meant to turn green?
Please any help will be greatly received! HELP!!!


Hi @Iansnakey
Assuming you’ve tried a different charger and cable your unit could be faulty?
I would contact your retailer for a replacement.

Hi, @Iansnakey

While I couldn’t find the manual for the soundcore 2, I did. Check the manual for the soundcore 3.

The led light will blink red when it’s depleted, and be solid red when charging, when it’s done, the light should turn solid white.

How long did you leave it plugged in?

Have you been using it since you got it, and this is first time on charge?

Also, depends on what type of charging brick you plug into, some have lower output for charging…

Can you advise if you are charging with the cable that came with, and if possible a photo of your charging brick that brand / output ratings (in print)?


@Iansnakey Best starting point is always to try a new fresh cable and a different wall charger (that supports at least 5v/2A output).

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Can get a new cable info here if need but I think for a few dollars more you can get a better one.

Agree with @ndalby to try the simplest thing first.

Maybe you have a faulty cable or charging brick, if left charging overnight it should be fully charged by the morning