Soundcore 2 & Case Drop Test

I recently won the anniversary contest and chose a soundcore 2 case as one of my items…

The case itself is nicely made, well constructed, but does not make it too bulky. There is a netted compartment inside to hold cables.

This morning, I placed my soundcore 2 in its case on the roof of my car and stupidly drove off. I made it out of my neighborhood but once I picked up speed (20-30mph) on the Main Street, I heard the dreadful sound of something dropping on the road behind me. I looked back at my rear view mirror and see the black object bouncing around on the road. I pull over and go back to see what it was. When I get to it, I saw that the impact caused the speaker to come out of the case, but most of the damage was done to the case. A small scratch to the speaker itself but it still functions normally with no problem. The case has some road rash on it, but also still functions normal. I am definitely happy I decided to get the case for my speaker; it served its full purpose today…

Cosmetically, the case has took a beating already, but I think I am going to keep using it because it can be a conversation starter as to how durable it is and open up dialogue about Anker’s products.

I highly doubt that if I used a generic pouch or case for my speaker that it would have survived this drop. The case that Anker makes for the soundcore 1 & 2 speakers is made of strong and dependable materials.


Wow that’s amazing it only suffered that little damage. Good deal for those looking for a case. Yes some would replace it, but just like you, I would use it to open conversation about durability.

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That is awesome that it protected your SoundCore 2. Now, that’s what a case should do… guard your device. :slight_smile: Winning! Another notch in what we know as the Anker awesomeness. :wink:

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Great read. I love how you will continue to use the case even though it has taken a beating.

Oooooh very good to see that it survived with limited damage. Great story too. We’ve all been there and left stuff on the roof. For me, it was my wallet :confused:

Haha wow. Good to know that the case did its job !

So you forget to take your speaker off the roof?:joy::joy:

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Wow… glad your speaker was OK! And thanks for sharing your real world drop test!

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Nice to see how the case’s hold up to real world bumps and accidents, thanks for sharing!

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I’m not happy you forgot the speaker on the roof, but I’m certainly glad to know the case holds up - and that your speaker is fine.

I’m a true believer in custom-made cases. Whenever there’s space for the product inside the case to jiggle, there’s opportunity for a bump to make it to the product and cause damage. When the product fits snugly into the case, the impact can be better absorbed by the case.

Yes, I didn’t have my coffee yet and it was hidden behind my roof rails :confused:

I agree, this case is perfect for the speaker. If anyone is interested, the SoundCore 2 bluetooth speaker and Case gift set is on sale right now for 28% off with code LASTMAS7 ($45.99 after discount)… Pretty good deal if you been eyeing a good portable speaker.


The speaker was hurt…:head_bandage: You should take good care of it.:smile:

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Amazing story and extreme testing :wink: Pleased the SoundCore is still working :slight_smile:

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