SoundCore 2 BT Speaker Cutting Out

A couple months ago, I needed a new Bluetooth speaker. Went on Amazon and got the SoundCore 2, having liked other Anker products and the price being right. I love the sound, and it works great for stuff like podcasts that last a while. But since I got it, if I tried to play a video there was about 4 seconds of silence who the video played on my phone, and now lately the same thing is happening with each track if I listen to music. Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, it doesn’t matter each song starts for about a second, cuts out for 3 or 4, then picks back up like normal and plays the rest of it. I’ve tried unpairing and repairing it, and the problem persists. I’ve seen similar things on here, but not this specific problem. Any other ideas besides forget and repair my phone to it?

What model phone do you have and does the same speaker behaviour occur on other devices (laptop etc) using BT and/or AUX connection?

It’s an older Motorola One, but no I haven’t had any issues like this with other speakers