Soundcore 2 Aux latency.

Having researched seems I’m yet to find an answer. Using my soundcore 2 speakers via Bluetooth I’m aware there will be latency due to Bluetooth. How ever I’m getting the same latency when using the Aux input. ( stereo paired via an Audient interface)

Can anybody offer a solution.



Using Aux should be without any such latency.

If using aux, is the speaker disconnected from Bluetooth? I don’t think there is an auto switch once it’s plugged into aux.

Maybe it’s still connected to Bluetooth, which may explain the latency?

T should be disconnected from bt, otherwise the whole thing doesnt make any sense.

Odd but definitely not connected via Bluetooth

It’s definitely not connected via Bluetooth which is odd.

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Could it be the interface you’re using? Try using aux on 1 speaker only

I will state the most obvious suggestion. Have you tried a different aux. cable?

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You shouldn’t have that problem but I’d still try another aux cable

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I’m going to return my unit for the very same reason. BT is off and the latency is still happening via the AUX input. It doesn’t happen with a different speaker, so I know the delay is within the unit. I bought this so that I would use it with my guitar via a guitar processor, and out to this speaker, as a mobile option. This definitely didn’t work. I had never seen a delay in audio in a similar unit, when not using BT.