Soundcore 2 auto-off not working

I have just bought a Soundcore 2 and it is not switching itself off after a period of inactivity.
The 'manual’ that came with the speaker is absolutely uninformative but I’ve read it should do this after 10 minutes.
Is this the case?

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If there is no connection for 15 minutes, the speaker should go off.
@blotch can you Test the function ?
Maybe @AnkerTechnical can give an official statement.

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I think its 15 minutes as @pauldey mentioned. I know if I am connected by AUX cable the speaker stays on even if the music app is closed.

I just tested my Soundcore 2 and it shut off in 10min flat when if turned off the Bluetooth on my phone. But I do remember reading that it would stay on if you are connected to the aux in like @Element321 said

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In Bluetooth mode - Yes its shuts off in about 10 mins if bluetooth source is turned off. However, If bluetooth source remains on (connected to SoundCore 2) the SoundCore 2 does not auto-power off, which is great for those using with Amazon Dots.


I just didn’t another test and you’re right the speaker doesn’t turn off when the Bluetooth is still connected to my phone with no audio playing. Seems like typical behavior, I think that feature was more designed for when you walk away from the speaker. That being said a believe you can tell Alexa to turn off the Bluetooth on your dot.

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Does it not have a power button?

I’m kinda in a different boat. I want mine to stay on all night. Did you ever figure out why yours was staying on?