SoundCore 2 and SoundCore Travel Case 20% discount (2 days UK)

For those not on the mailing list.

Anker 20% summer discount for 2 days on the SoundCore 2 and the SoundCore travel case. UK residents only.

SoundCore 2 -

SoundCore Travel Case -

Amazon Code: ANKERSC2 for both items
Ends 26th July 2017 - Discount quantity limited


I don’t have a SoundCore speaker but I do like the case for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have registered with Anker in UK, I know because I clicked again now to subscribe and it says I already am.

I am not receiving these discount code emails.

What I do wrong?

Mine is often hit and miss, after I made the mistake of unsubscribing a while ago. Might be worth dropping an email.

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Thanks for the advice. I have emailed them asking to be added.

The UK gets so few offers any going I’m not told about is boo hoo :sob:

I haven’t gotten a promotional email since April.

The UK offers will coming on next week! :hugging:

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Thanks for the heads up @ndalby :thumbsup:

Has anyone got the SoundCore Travel Case? My SoundCore lives in the car but I do take it with me outside of that in my backpack so I’m just wondering if it’s worth a purchase while a cheeky little discount is on!

That looks neat but I don’t think I actually need a case. The charge lasts so long that as long as I charge it up before leaving, there is almost no chance that I will need to charge it again while I am gone.

damn, UK prices are too high :frowning: