Soundcore 1 vs Soundcore Mini 2

In my country, both are the same price.

Which one should I buy, based on sound quality?

I would go with the mini from the start, because you can pair two minis together and have them play in stereo mode. So get one now then if you have to wait a little bit and buy one to more to pair with the other. Then you can point one in say one corner and the other in a different corner and have the sound more or less feel up the room.

With just the original soundcore you can’t pair it to another speaker to get that experience.

Just my opinion.

That is a great point. I am considering this. But, what about the sound quality, in standalone mode. Like, 1 Soundcore vs 1 Soundcore Mini 2. Which would sound better, in both clarity and bass?

You should buy 2 of the speakers which could be paired for stereo.
Think this is the mini 2.
The possibility of stereo paring is very important for the sound.
I like my 2 FLAREs a lot.

Same should be when pairing 2 of this mini 2.

The mini 2 may be small but it does pack a decent punch, even better when 2 are paired together. I have tested mine with a db meter and at 3 ft it was 98db+ and at 10ft away it was 93db+ and thats just with 1. Pair 2 together and place them around you and immerse yourself into your music

The sound is going to be about the same out of the speakers just by themselves.
The advantage is one you can pair another one to it to enhance the sound and the other you cant.

I would go with the mini so later you can get another.