Soundcore 1 decibel level at max volume?

Hey I’m trying to calibrate a sound level app on my phone. If anyone knows the speaker sensitivity I could figure it out, I think. The original soundcore is 3w x2 or 6watts total, right? I’m guessing this is average power, not peak. Does anyone happen to know if it’s peak, or if it isn’t, what peak power is?

Or if anyone just has a professional sound meter, and has measured this speaker from X distance away at max volume on both the source and the speaker, at a constant tone? Sorry but I just need an accurate sound reading for one thing and I’m too cheap to buy a sound meter.

Also, if anyone knows enough to check my work here’s the formula I’m planning to use if anyone can tell me the sensitivity in dB:

10log 6w + (specificity) = (either the average or peak) dB level at 1 meter???

thanks so much


Are you turning the source volume up to.max?

As long as BT has been around, it’s volume has been reliant on the source volume.

Also a good audio app will have a pre-amp volume adjustment too ( can make it even louder!)

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