Soundcore 1 Day Only Deals (April 27, 2019)

Deal Expired

30% Off 1 Day Only

Soundcore Model Zero Deal - $139.99

Soundcore Liberty Lite Deal - $44.99


I like my liberty lites! A great cheap way to go truly wireless!


At the moment my ZERO is playing Beethoven’s piano concerto No 1 (interpreted by Lang Lang)!
What a sound.


Thanks for sharing!!!

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As this is another item, I forever seem unable to win, I will have to wait for my Samsung Galaxy Buds to finally arrive.

Would love a pair of flares (with/without LEDs), and a pair of true wireless with active ambient.

A wakey is defo, at the top of my WANT list!

Nice deals👌

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Really nice deal saw this earlier glad you shared with us

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Just adding to it, the also popular


Thanks for sharing!

Definitely a good deal on the Liberty Lite

Thanks for sharing this

I think I will buy Spirits. They are available for 17€ in Germany