Soundbuds Tags don't hold their charge

I used to charge my headphones every couple of days, which last for around 2 hours of use. Now I’m trying to fully charge (blue light) them before going to sleep. The next morning the headphones are fully discharged or only has power for less than 5 minutes of use. Seems that the headphones do not turn off eventhough they are stuck together with the magnet and the light is off.

Try using a different cable to charge them and also try plugging them either into a different wall plug or your computer.
If all else fails then send a message with your issue and tell then what steps you have taken to fix the issue. Also provide them with your order number and serial number of the headphones to further help them expedite your claim


Seconded, get it RMA’d.

I wish I could, but my friend bougth it while she was in the US, I live in another country. These headphones survived less than 1 year, very dissapointed.

Have you tried emailing them? Just because it was brought in a different country doesn’t. Ean anything, they do sell these in other places than just the US.

A reset might fix things. Not sure of the exact button combo to reset but it is usually a combination of the power button and one of the volume buttons.

I would try a different cable first though