Soundbuds Tag too loud on Iphone

Hello! I recently purchased the Soundbuds Tag and man, they are amazing! The only problem I have is that they’re waaay too loud, even on the lowest volume set on my Iphone 7 Plus. There also appears to be some kind of hissing background noise when my phone makes sounds. Is this normal?


Sounds very strange. Make sure the volume is all the way down on the earbuds (by pressing the - button) and the phone, just in case they weren’t syncing properly.

As far as the hissing noise, that’s definitely not normal for Anker products. Please contact via email. They would love to help you!

Hi @martiijnjiang , sorry to hear your having issues with the SoundBuds Tag. Couple of things for troubleshooting;

  • firstly have you tried forgetting the SoundBuds on your phone and tried pairing again? Sometimes bad BT pairing can cause audio issues including hiss / distortions.
  • second, have you tried the SoundBuds on a different device such as another phone or laptop? Best way to determine if the fault is solely with the SoundBuds or if other factors are present.

If you have already tried these steps please feel free to reach out to as suggested by @joshuad11

hissing is normal, I have that with the airpods, I too hat loud music, go to settings> general> sound> lower the headphone sound. If you need more help I will have pictures later.

i have the opposite problem with my phone

@ndalby @cdarienzo1 Thanks for the reply! @martiijnjiang Regarding the volume and background noise issue of the earbuds, please be advised that we have sent you an email for further information and please check our reply in your email.