Soundbuds Surge wont connect anymore

Hello everyone,

My Soundbuds were working perfectly until last week when suddenly it wouldn’t connect to my phone anymore. All that happens now is that the blue light keeps flashing. I’ve tried all of the standard solutions: forgetting the earbuds on my phone, restarting, trying to connect it to other devices and holding both volume buttons for 5 seconds.

Does anyone have an solution for me? I’m using a Oneplus 7 Pro, but it wouldn’t connect to another phone either.

Thanks in advance!

Re-Pairing Surge

Please try the following

a. Check to ensure your device’s Bluetooth setting is enabled.

b. Make sure your device is within 1m (3ft) of the SoundBuds Curve.

c. Delete the pairing record on SoundBuds Curve and your device, then try to re-pair.


If re-pairing does not work- try to reset the Surge headset as follows

In standby mode press and hold the ’ + ’ and ’ - ’ buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds to delete previous pairing records.

Let us know the results, best of luck!

As I said in the original post, I tried all of those things already and they didn’t fix my issue.

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Please contact Soundcore Support and keep the purchase receipt / details handy

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I managed to fix the issue. I left the earbuds on so the battery would drain, this took about 2 weeks. Afterwards I charged it and I could connect again.

This does seem to be an issue with the earbuds, but if anyone has the same issue as me try draining the battery.