SoundBuds Surge suddenly stop working

Hello guys, maybe you can help me with this
Just got my soundbuds surge 2 days ago, bought it from official anker store from ali express.
working normal in day 1, normal charging, and today suddenly it lost connection with my ipod and the led indicator turning red, no sounds at all, trying to turn off but it won’t turn off, keep show the red indicator and now i try to charging but nothing changed,
any idea what’s happen to my soundbuds surge ? should i keep charging or wait until the battery off ? :frowning:

HI @effendyjohan , have you tried powering off the earbuds while connected to a charging source, such as a USB wall charger or computer USB port? It is also worth trying another cable for charging, as a majority of charging issues are often due to either the cable, or charging source (such as using a PowerBank).

If either of these fail to resolve it’s possible the earbuds, may have, developed a fault. At which point you would be best contacting with your serial no, purchase date and troubleshooting steps taken, for assistance under your 18 month warranty.

Yes, I have tried all steps that you suggest but nothing works. Trying to turning off while conncected with usb wall wall charger, usb port from my desktop and also change the charging cable with my soundcore mini cable, but still won’t turn off at all…

I agree with @ndalby … although we all love Anker, it is impossible to get 100% quality nowadays and sometimes products just end up going bad. Luckily they have a good warranty and great customer service reps… shoot them an email and they will take care of you.

Hi @effendyjohan,

We are sorry about the problem you’ve been experiencing with our products. Could you please contact us Anker at ""? If the headphone is defective, we will arrange a replacement for you as soon as possible.:innocent:

yea man, i know, problem solved, it’s defective :cry:

they don’t offer me replacement, they offer me refund instead, idk what so wrong with shipping to my country :sob:

It could be a matter of having stock in your country. But the way I look at it, with the prices coming down take a refund and save a few bucks rebuying it on sale