Soundbuds Surge sudden death

I was listening to music on my Soundbuds Surge when they suddenly started making this white noise, unpaired from my phone and then they shut down completely.
Now I can’t charge them, I can’t turn them on, nothing. I tried reseting via holding all three buttons, but nothing happened. Same when I tried vol up and vol down at the same time.
I was wondering if someone had a similar issue.

I had some pairing issues with a soundCore boost. Anker replaced right away.

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I’m positive Anker would replace them and would like to know why they failed by taking them apart and doing an inspection so they can improve future models

I agree with @Jesse_Hernandez1, email and they’ll help you right away.

I don’t have Soundbuds Surge, but my 'buds Slim unpaired itself and wouldn’t charge. No white noise, though. Support sent me a new pair, they work great.

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