Soundbuds surge stuck on redlight

I ordered a brand new pair of soundbuds surge and I got them and put them to charge using the included charger and it showed a red still led and I figured it would stay red until it was done charging but I noticed as time went by it was still there so I unplugged it and the red charging led was still there so I tried turning it on by pressing down the middle button and nothing happened I tried this a few times then tried to unpair/reset it by pressing the top and last button a few times but this still didn’t do anything. I tried plugging in the included charger onto my computer still nothing happened, I tried using a different charger and still nothing. I tried plugging it in and holding down the on button and the reset buttons still nothing. Can anyone help me please??!

Hi @Jashenthebibby,
Sorry to hear your Soundbuds are not working for you. Please contact with your order number and the serial number of your earbuds and they’ll be happy to assist you!

Surge do not come with charger. You meant supplied cable?

Tried a different a cable?

Try different cable and different charger and then do what @TechnicallyWell said.

Yes I mean cable
I Already tried different cables and chargers :frowning:

So then what 2nd post said, it looks like a support need. It is a Saturday so expect reply late Sunday / early Monday, include photos of the issue, included proof of purchase from the approved supplier, serial number off cables and/or packaging, and I’m sure you’ll be resolved quickly.

Okay thank you

Mine are stuck with the blue light one. Used it only 3 times.

I had left my battery to run down then the light disappeared I charged them again and they were working good for 2 days then I put them to charge and forgot to unplug them now they’re stuck on the blue light also