Soundbuds Surge Red Light of Doom?

I already initiated a warranty inquiry for this, but I was just curious if anyone else has had this issue with any of their headphones or speakers…

The red light stays illuminated. I am unable to turn headphones on. I have tried charging it with different power sources, but nothing happens. Tried resetting it by holding 1, 2, and all 3 buttons down, still no bueno. Unable to pair. Unable to reset. Unable to turn on. Woe is me.

Have you tried using a different cable to charge them? Majority of the time charging issues comes down to the cable. So try a different cable if possible and plug it into a plug end that has at least 5v 1a


Hi @andrewtiangco , as suggested by @elmo41683 have you tried charging with a different cable, as cables often can be a main point of failure when it comes to charging?

Also have you tried to reset by pressing the volume up/down for 3 seconds, as opposed to all the buttons?


@elmo41683 yes, I’ve tried charging it in my car, home, & office…

@ndalby yes, tried resetting with all different combinations of pressing 1, 2, or all buttons…

I’ve given up… Anker replied to me and wants me to send them back and issue me a refund. Guess I just gotta get a new pair…

Kinda sucks cause I just missed the Slim+ sale, they were $21.99 a few days ago.

My appologies, sorry that didn’t work for you. So Anker wants to issue a refund instead of doing a warranty exchange?

Yes, my this would be my 2nd warranty claim for the same device. My first set of surges had an issue with the right side bud, audio was very distorted and staticky especially during phone calls.

They send me a new pair which has lasted me like 3 months until this redlight issue…

I believe they want to take it apart and see what the problem is.

They did the same for a cable that recently stopped working for me too. It literally just flat out stopped charging everything, it stayed in one spot to charge my headphones and liberty plus case and then one day it just stopped charging. So they asked to send them back to examine what went wrong.

You should try the Sound buds Curve the battery life is great. My little brother has a pair and is very hard on them & they’re holding up great.

@andrewtiangco Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. May I know has your issue been properly solved now? Could you please contact Ankerdirect customer support via We really want to help in this case.

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Hi … Same problem here havent been able to charge them cus im on the go rn but still … I think im doomed

I’ve now given up on Anker products. I’m on my third pair of the Surge buds since December of 2017. Anker has kindly replaced one after another but they seem to have a three or so month life span. I baby’s my gear. They’re never used outdoors, charged only via Anker cable and never abused in any way. Basically on my nightstand to watch stuff at night on my iPad.
Now I have this same red lightnof doom. It needed a recharge last night, I plugged it in and went to bed . Woke up ,red light still on. Will not power down,will not connect to any device. Useless crap.
I’m done with Anker products.
Btw, in December, I purchased nine of these as gifts for friends and family.
Kept one. Out of the eight, only one still works. Anker=Garbage.

These were an awesome product until the red light of death showed: no reaction to anything. Very sad. Worked for two months, not worth it.

EDIT: Well there is a solution that worked for me at least. I got this red light of death but instead of charging it I let the battery run out of juice thinking that the device would shut down and then I could start it normally. And to my surprise it worked. Everything back to normal.