Soundbuds Surge problem with stopping during audio?

Hello! My SoundBuds Surge that I just got for Christmas have a problem. They stop and pause for a second in the middle of songs, then plays the skipped audio at a faster speed until it’s caught up. It does this frequently with any audio I play when I am connected to my phone. It doesn’t do it when connected to my laptop, or at least not yet. My phone does not do this when connected to other headphones or without headphones. This just started happening less than 24 hours ago. Any advice? Many Thanks!

Try a reset and fresh pairing of the SoundBuds with your phone…sounds like a corruption in the pairing record…

In addition to what @ndalby mentioned, try using a different source in your phone for music to see if it still does this. It could be an inherit issue with the program such as when it’s cacheing the music and it it tries to catch up