Soundbuds Surge or Slim +, what are differences?

Could someone tell me, sound quality difference, weight difference, anything to help me chose one or the other. These seem so close but they must have some differences for them to make two different products. Does anyone have information concerning this?

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Looking very quickly. I’d say better sound quality, battery length on the slims.

Serge have magnetic connectors.

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If you have an aptX compatible device, I’d recommend the Slim+. Most Android phones are compatible with aptX.

Here is a full list of compatible devices.

And here is my review!

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So you say “better sound quality” Which one has the better sound quality? As far as the magnetic connectors, I think they both have that feature.

The slims. Check them both out on amazon and josh has left his review above

So I had the Slim, I gifted, have the Slim+ (now round my neck), do not have the Surge.

Slim vs Slim+ seem identical to me in audio quality, and so based on the comments above the Slim+ better than Surge?

So why does the Surge exist if Slim+ better?

Now my opinion, somewhat gushing here, in that these types of products at the prices (if no hurry) you get them ($19 is typical discounted price recent weeks) it falls into “why not” and have a few of them and them just swap between them to make up for 7 hours battery life. It could help therefore if a different color, either built-in by Anker or a bit of colored tape or an ink dot so you swap between them, and a Mini+ to recharge and then you’re sorted for days. I might get another just for that purpose as the Slim+ are better in my experience than the 24hr battery Buds Life type, given they do a better noise isolation job.

So I’m suggesting buy two Slim+ and recharge the one you’re not using either off Powerport or a small Powercore (Mini+, 5000, 6700).

I think the Slim to Slim+ went a little overboard on making the wire longer, say an inch shorter would be perfect for me, and wish the magnets a bit stronger, but for the price, these are tiny non-issues.


Couldn’t find where we discussed this before, but just thought I’d point out that Anker has acknowledged that the SoundBuds cannot be charged by most portable chargers.

I’m aware of that but the workaround is to use a really small portable charger, like the Powercore+ Mini, it gets the buds to quite high level of charge and you press the button 2 or 3 times for a minute to get it all the way to 100%. I know it works its what I do on longer flights. I usually carry the Mini and the 10000 to get 2 ports 13000mAh which is about right capacity for a long day.

I have not tried it but I think if you had a dual-port if you have a higher drain device (tablet, phone, etc) in one port it will keep the other port to the buds powered too.

Of course if you had 2 buds they’d get you to 14 hours combined so that’s also quite likely to get you back to a wall socket for charger anyway.

I might experiment with all my Powercore to see which works better and test the dual-port theory, I’d have to use a meter to count the mAh in.

Got a new ROM on my OnePlus 3T, and now my Slim+ cause notification I am using AptX

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Good question. I am new to these Anker soundbuds and will be getting a pair soon so I am checking out all the information here from the awesome Anker Community.

I got the Slim, the Slim+, and the Surge.

To me, the Slim+ has a lower volume than the Slim. It’s only SLIGHTLY lower (eg, volume 12 on the Slim is equal to volume 13 on the Slim+) but it was enough for me notice the difference. I have no way of telling if I’m using aptX or not so no comment there. The magnets in the back are the same strength.

Other than that, it’s the cord length (Slim:22", Slim+: 24") and a few minor cosmetic details that’s different.

The Surge, on the other hand, has noticeably louder bass and has stronger magnets than the Slims. The manual says these have 6.8mm drivers in contrast to the Slim and Slim+'s 6mm drivers so this is probably where that extra kick comes from.

The cord length is 24", or the same as the longer Slim+'s.

I feel the round ear supports keeps the buds in my ear better than the fangs on the Slims but I still find the Slims easier and quicker to put into my ears.

Personally, I prefer the sound of the Surge over the Slim/Slim+ but it’s possible I haven’t heard the aptX on the Slim+ yet.

Please note that I use earbuds for music only. I don’t ever use it for phone calls so no opinions in that department.

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Now can you tell the difference?

Nope. But then I can’t tell difference between Pepsi and Coke either.

I’d rather they put in USB-C so not stabbing it randomly.

On my OnePlus3T in the latest ROM update I have an option to have higher quality audio on/off here is my option when it its in use or not.

So it then makes me think “what is the advantage of not using high quality audio?” so “will battery life be better on my phone?” “will battery life be better on my buds?”.

You see why this is probably best simply not mentioned. Just like if someone was asked if they wanted a coke and was given a Pepsi and they just were ok as they are basically the same.

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Pepsi and coke taste different, I can definitely tell the difference between the two and have even been blind tested to prove this. Pepsi is sweeter and more carbonated than coke, but I prefer Pepsi hence why I in now when I have been given coke

Agreed. There’s definitely differences. While I really don’t care which is given/served to me at an eatery, when I am personally buying it at the store in bulk (or otherwise), I will always get Coke unless there is a “deal” on the Pepsi. I’m not one to sit, analyze and savor the flavor (as some do with wines)…I’m drinking it mainly to quench my thirst. :wink:

Thanks for the useful input. I ended up going with the Slim+ as gifts for my daughter and wife and they both love them. After trying them I will most likely by a third pair for me.