Soundbuds surge on sale

As the title states, the Soundbud surge
are currently on sale at Amazon for $17 via code : JWTDC4PU

These earbuds have decent bass and sound great all around. So if your looking for a cheap pair that sound good, give these a go.

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I had those. I can recommend!
Now are gone to my daughter! :wink:

I too have these and love them, I have passed them down to my son since I know have the spirit x

This is one of our classic headphones, even if we have so many new headphones, the Soundbud surge should not be forgotten.:grin:


I loved mine and still would be using them had I not gotten the spirit x. My son uses these now and he loves them. The larger driver gives off more bass and vocal clarity so if there what you like then you will not be disappointed in these

How are they for running?

Imo they are good for running once you get the right earwing and eartip that fits your ears. I have had no issues when I used mine and I was running around.

Great deal!

nice deal!