Soundbuds Sport turns on and immediately turns off?

I bought the Soundbuds Sport today, and after a few hours of use they have become unusable because when I try to turn them on, they immediately turn off. They are fully charged (the red light turns off when plugged in), so they should be able to be used. However, holding down the power button to turn them on, the light turns blue and they make a rising, beeping tone, immediately followed by a flash of the blue light and a descending beep tone. And then they turn off. Has anybody else had this problem and know how to fix it?

Try different cable, try different charger. Some chargers shut off power if it’s a low current, and some cables are bad. Do not use portable chargers to recharge earbuds.

Pretty much what @nigelhealy has said. If a different cable / wall charger fails to resolve, please send an email with your purchase date / order number so they can assist further and replace under your 18 month warranty if required.

When the the light is a steady blue, that is when it’s fully charged. The noise when you press the power button is to notify you that the device is on and ready to be paired via Bluetooth. The blinking blue light is to signal that the device is ready to be paired. Like stated above, it could be the cable or charger not delivering.

Fair point, if it doesn’t connect (to paired device) they will turn off. I don’t have the SB Sport but my Slim turn off if not connected to in about a minute or so. That would be an extreme PEBKAC if that’s the cause.

@nigelhealy @ndalby @Isaac_Schloss Thank you so much for the answers and suggestions! @layzboy99 May I trouble you to try another USB charging cable or charger for a test? If the problem still there, the earbuds should be defective, we are more than happy to help you with the replacement. Could you please contact us via We will help you out ASAP. Thanks


Reading the Sport model booklet, it says if nothing happens for a few minutes, then it will turn off

I do occasionally get static or a song will “skip”. Like the SoundCore mini, I will have my phone forget the device and then repair with the other devices