SoundBuds Sport NB10 Bluetooth Headphone Problem with Right ear speaker

I bought my headphones in month of july or aurgust and recently switch on my headphone after around 2 months and found that right ear speaker is not working = Any possible solution for this

Give them a good cleaning, gunk tends to build up blocking sound in one or both earpieces

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Also, it might be faulty, so I would email if that dosen’t work.

I think this is a common problem with this model … I bought mine in September 2018 … after two months the left hand side stopped working … went to the shop and they replaced it with new one … now I have the same problem with the right side … and unfortunately I lost my receipt …
In both cases, it happened after leaving them off for about one week.

This remembers me of the B*se mini.
If this was stored for awhile it could not be switched on.
If you plugged it to a charger it worked again.
Do not know if newer versions of that speaker has this issue.

Most of the early Bluetooth headphones came with a very fine mesh screen installed over the speaker and these tend to gunk up really easily. You wouldn’t know just by looking at it, but if you pulled it off you would see all the earwax and gunk behind the screen blocking the passage of sound. Many have argued they have clean ears and what not, but the fact of the matter is your ears always have wax and the longer you wear earbuds your body heat liquifies that wax and it works it’s way into the fine mesh screen building up behind it as it has nowhere to go. So a very thorough cleaning generally fixes all no sound issues, with the worse case scenarios the user just discards the mesh screen.

With newer headphones manufactured after the second half of 2018, Anker/Soundcore has replaced the fine mesh screen for that of a larger punched steel sheet that does not block as easily as seen below