SoundBuds Slim +

Gang, I just got the SoundBuds Slim + I won in a September Power Draw and so far I am blown away. I’ve been though a lot of earbuds but never any that fit like these–I put them in my ears and literally said “wow,” out loud. I know as a prize I don’t need to review them, but I’m definitely going to after I test them for a few days.

WHOOPS! Update: The SoundBuds Slim + are a Power User review item…I won some SoundBuds Lite! I guess it’s going to be a comparo!

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“I’m getting so much free stuff I’m getting confused”

Good to know the Slim+ is good. I’ll get them why my current Slim which i really like fail out of warranty.


This is the actual definition of a First World Problem!

So which one did you say wow about? Slim+ or Lite?

Didn’t think a Slim+ had been on the PowerDraw :confused: but the original Slim has…

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It’s the Slim +, which is a Power User review item. They are fantastic.

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Ok so if there is the Slim+ and the Flow on the PU program, then which one did not get passed through the FCC?

Not a clue, the naming issue seems very similar to the SoundCore Select which became the SoundCore 2 minus NFC and a few others own the past. For example the Slims+ are listed as A3401 but this links to the SoundBuds Curve in alternate FCC numbers. The flow have A3234, which on FCC is an entirely new product with no previous alternates. Only @AnkerOfficial knows for sure :smile:

Though as the Slims+ are more of an upgrade than new product, perhaps they have resubmitted/updated the older FCC for the Slims?

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Considering that the Amazon listing says upgraded, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case, although I am subscribed to get emails and don’t recall receiving one that linked me back to the Slims (usually I get ones even if they aren’t entirely new filings).

Speaking of getting passed through the FCC, haven’t seen the Robovac 11+ either.

Should be seeing several soon, though

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