SoundBuds Slim+

The SoundBuds Slim+ are now selling on Amazon for $33, but limited stock is available.
@AnkerOfficial has informed us of these differences between the regular SoundBuds Slim.

Essentially, the same features as the Curve (so a good alternative if you aren’t a fan of the ear hooks and can overcome the 6 hour battery life). I believe that these may be in place of the SoundBuds Flow on the FCC listing.

Let me know if you’re considering picking these up!


From a quick glance, it looks like improved drivers only, everything else looks the same as the current Slim release.


Looks like this one also includes a round hard case.

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How are these earbuds? Does anyone go to the gym or run with these on?

Do you think that alone would be enough to warrant a $9 difference in price?

This product has three upgrades. :grin:

  1. Accessories upgraded. It increase carrying pouch & metal carabiner.
  2. Chip & sound are fully upgraded to support aptx sound quality.
  3. Waterproof level upgraded. IPX5 + Interior nano coating effectively protects against water and sweat.

Hard to tell (not tested them :smile:) but for what I use my Slims for, possible not in a UK price bracket. I’ve never (well once) kept them in the previously included travel pouch and the current Slim’s are also tagged as having IPX5 rating, so for me it would primarily be upgrading for ‘reported’ improved audio.

If they were on offer that brought them closer to the previous gen I would probably go for them if I was after a replacement set as they are the newer generation and are the direction in which this line would be heading, going forward.

The Slims are missing from my collection of Anker Bluetooth soundbuds :slight_smile:Hope I’ll get the chance to get them !

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Nice its time to upgrade now!

I have the Soundbud Slims and I like them a lot. I use them in the Gym, Hiking, running, yard work and on the tractor. They work great. Sound is decent (not a premium sound but better than other earbuds at this price point). Once these die (I will most likely break or loose them before that) I will get these new ones.


Definitely interested. Are these coming to Europe/ as well? :smiley:

– ah wait, so here they’re called the ‘SoundBuds Flow’? Couldn’t find any info on Apt-x compatiblity namely…

SoundBuds Flow was the FCC name, assuming this is the same product. As far as availablility in Europe, @ankerofficial and @ankersupport would be the main ones to ask.

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We will first release it to the US market, then Europe will be available ASAP!

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I actually use the travel case a lot.

So are these the same as Slim+?

Anker products are so hard to recognize on


This is the Soundbuds Flow. :hugging:

@AnkerOfficial When exactly will we have the Slim+ in Europe too?

The Slim+ should be on the European market before or by the end of this month. We are preparing for the inventory at the moment!

I received my first set of Slim+ for Christmas 2017, I have had four pairs of Slim+ since that time. The sound quality was great and the ear piece was comfortable in my ear and they stayed in place while running. The problem I have had is they would not charge after about the 4th day. Customer Service has been great to deal with, but getting the same defective product over and over is a bit trying. After the fourth pair, customer service upgraded me to N10 earbuds. Sound quality was good, but the were not as comfortable in the ear as the Slim+. On about the third day, the connection between the earbud and the cable broke. I contacted customer service again, this time I am going for my 5th set of Slim+ earbuds. I am hoping that I get “lucky” this time and get a set that works. After this, if they don’t work, I’m going for a refund, and saying good bye to Anker.