Soundbuds Slim Won't power on

Hi, Just thought I would add to those who have posted. I purchased soundbuds slim on Amazon. I bought them for work computer where I occasionally have a need to watch a youtube video (maybe once or twice a month). I don’t listen to music at work. At about the 6-9 month mark soundbuds would not come on. Thought It just needed charging so I charged them for a few days and set them aside. Next time I tried them they would not power on. I thought, maybe I didn’t get them plugged in well. Repeated the process and still would not turn on. I ended up not contacting Anker until they were one month out of warranty. They were no help. for those of you with the problem this is what I found during my researching the problem.

1 Red light comes on dimly when plugged in to charge.
2 Will not power up regardless of how long you hold the power button
3 Earbuds will not reset by holding the + & - buttons for any amount of time. (Anker Support Suggestion)
4 Base on other posts tried holding power button while repeatedly plugging and unplugging USB charging cable. Didn’t work. (tried several cables and charging sources)

I have bought a lot of Anker stuff and generally had good luck (cables, power supplies, etc). Very disappointed in these. Not too expensive so not a killer but I won’t be buying anker earphones, earbuds etc. again.

From what I have read this is not an uncommon problem. Anker should figure it out and post result so people can see any possible solutions. If there is a work around to reset the earbuds that would be great. The concern for the customer and the product performance should not just fall off the face of the earth when the warranty period is up. It is not about the legal liability but the concept that product performance and customer satisfaction is a long term importance to the company.


By the description in the post, looks like the Soundbuds Slim might have a battery charge issue, might have gone bad, this might happen because of lot of reasons-- common being charging source or temperature…

If this is still under 12 months, you may reach out to Anker Support for resolution. They may provide steps or even replace as long as you have purchase details.

Aw man! First of all, that sucks that your Soundbuds died. I had the exact same thing happen to my Slims, but they were 2 days within the warranty- Anker still gave me a brand new pair. My earbuds have the exact same symptoms as yours seem to, minus the red light (mine have a constant flashing blue light, for some reason).

I’d say to open up the earbuds and see if anything’s obviously wrong. I haven’t gotten around to doing this to my pair, but apparently some people have had batteries or speakers “desolder” themselves from the mainboard.

Anyway, it might be worth poking around inside, if nothing else can be done.

Good Luck!

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yes if you store you earphones in very cold or very warm temperatures it can degrade your battery.

Aha- do you think that keeping them in a pocket constantly could cause the issue? My Slims were on me 24/7, probably at around 95-96°F most of the time.

It is a waste of time. The same problem with five Anker units!

Can you please list items and what is the issue?