Soundbuds slim upgraded version

Does anyone else get audio sync problems on their soundbuds slim whilst listening to any video source ?
It seems to happen if I switch devices and can only be cured by powering down the earbuds !

What kind of device are you using?

Do you mean audio sync between the left and right or between the headphones and the phone?

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I had the same issue. In other threads people suggested to delete the profile. After that it worked for my devices

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Yes iPad 4 and iPhone 7 Plus
The devices work great without the earbuds and work great if singularly connected.
Example: it auto connects to iPhone everything is fine with audio in video audio… if I connect to iPad it’s fine as well… the problem is if I’m connected to say the phone and then switch it over to the iPad or visa versa then any videos will have delayed video to the audio, not even like a normal scenario where the audio is delayed. It’s the video pic that’s delayed…
everything back to normal if I switch the earbuds off and on again. Until I switch between devices.
Sorry for the drawn out explanation :man_facepalming:t2:

Bluetooth profile ?
It works great until I switch devices.

This could be because it’s still paired to your phone as well and running in secondary type mode where your phone is the main source but can still playback audio from your ipad. To remedy this make sure it fully disconnects from your phone, turn off bluetooth on your phone or just disconnect it in your bluetooth profile and connect it to your ipad

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Thanks bud I’ll give that a go :slight_smile: