SoundBuds Slim review

Anything this sexy and slim is utterly desirable. I’ll be the first to admit I was somewhat skeptical at first, seeing as Anker promised these ear buds were excellent sounding and highly functional. Also I’m fussy about sound and design, having tried all kinds of expensive and flash headphones and ear buds before. But yes, these are really that good. For starters they are beautifully designed. There are a variety of different sized tips included but what I found is the neat rubber ear place holders really work. They stay in place perfectly and really comfortably so I don’t even notice them. Making the ends magnetic so they clip together was a smart touch, it means they snap together neatly when not in use and minimises clutter. There’s a snap shut storage pouch provided. The sound quality is excellent and given their slim size the bass is remarkable. The microphone really works so you can easily make and receive calls or use voice commands. Bluetooth functionality is hassle free and the remote control is easy and straight forward to use. For a pair of wireless buds this light and slim I’m amazed by the quality of the sound and functionality. Also they charge really quickly and last way longer between charges than I expected.