Soundbuds slim + - out of stock or discontinued?

Wondering whether the soundbuds slim + are out of stock or discontinued? Big fan of these headphones, and am on my second pair (first one held for over a year, second one even better), I’d like to get another pair for work/sports.

Depending on your region I would suggest reaching out to or

As audio products are now mainly developed under the split off Soundcore brand, I would think the Slim+ are likely to be phased out in the near future if they haven’t already…

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I bought two of them 2 years ago, to replace the 2 I bought about 4 years ago, wearing one now. Sadly missed if they stop being available, so much simpler than wireless - “they just work”, good battery life, can’t lose anything.

I’d say if they do re-appear, just buy a couple more as the fashion is against the reliably simple.