SoundBuds Slim Original vs Surge vs Slim Upgraded

I now own a pair of the SoundBuds Slim Original & SoundBuds Surge. I previously owned a pair of SoundBuds Sport, but lost them.

Soundbuds Sport had better sound & bass compared to the Soundbuds Slim Original. The Slims are definitely lighter and had better battery life.

I just received the soundbuds Surge a few days ago, so I am still testing them out. The drivers seem to be a little bigger than the SoundBuds Slim Original. The slim seems to have a smaller profile, thus being lighter and more inconspicuous while wearing at work.

Who has owns the Slim Original, Surge, and/or Slim Upgraded and provide a good comparison. Which ones do you prefer to use, like better, and why?

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Which of the headphones you have stay in your ears best?

the soundbuds slim original fit better for me. i used a medium ear plug and medium ear flap accessory. for the soundbuds surge, i’m actually using a small ear plug with medium ear flaps. the surge are a little bulkier and weigh more than the soundbuds original imo. i have no comments for the soundbuds upgraded.

the soundbuds sport had a really bulky driver, those fell out of my ear quite often while jogging. kinda glad i lost them and upgraded to the slims.

Sorry to throw another product into the mix, but the SoundBuds Curve feature a loop around the ear and have done a good job at staying in my ear while running.


I like the new Soundbud Surge. They fit lovely and it doesn’t feel like they are in. The SoundBud Sports IE20’s used to hurt my ears after a bit

I have yet to try any headphones with a curve feature. I have to use regular in ear headphones so I can pull them out of my ears quickly to pick up my office phone or if someone walks up to me to talk. I was considering the Soundbuds Life or Lite which I could hide under my collar, but for some reason I am really attracted to minimal and inconspicuous designs of the Slim & Surge.

Thank you for throwing that in, those look like they would be best for me while working out, which is what I need.

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