Soundbuds Slim+ or Soundcore Spirit?


I’m planning on buying a new pair of bluetooth in-ears.
I narrowed it down to either the Soundbuds Slim+ or the Soundcore Spirits and I’m hoping that you guys can help me make a decision.
The Soundbuds cost around 8€ less than the Spirits and now I’m struggeling to make a decision.

I don’t really care about sweat-proofing as I usually don’t work out, but SweatGuard is obviously cool, as it would enable me to wear them whilst doing sports in the future (but I don’t know if this will even happen).

My phone supports BT5 but I’m wondering if BT5 even effects things like sound quality or something else.
The Soundbuds have aptX on BT4.1, the Spirits have no aptX but BT5. Is this worth the upgrade?
Which pair sounds better? Is there another important difference like range (I didn’t read about that whilst doing my research)?

The Soundbuds are made out of metal, the Spirits aren’t. What is better?
Metal could be annoying but I don’t really know.

Some people on the internet said, that the case for the Spirits is way worse than the one included with the Soundbuds. Is that true?

I hope you guys can help me out.
Thank you in advance!