SoundBuds Slim+ Not Paring Always On Blue Light

Sudden SoundBuds Slim+ not paring with any device. long press power button can’t blink light, always on blue light. volume + and volume - long press but same issue blue light on.

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Couple of questions…

  1. Has the slims+ been paired to devices in the past or is this a new product for you?

  2. If this devices has already been paired in the past, then it won’t reconnect to all your previously paired devices?

  3. If so, have you tried to delete the pairings? I would delete the pairings on your devices if you haven’t

If you have never paired anything to the earbuds and they are a new product. You can try and do a reset. I can’t remember how to do this on these earbuds or if its even possible. Someone will be along shortly to help.

If not you can always contact @AnkerSupport via and they can help you out. Make sure to give exactly what the issue is, what troubleshooting steps you have tried, serial number and where you purchased it. These are some of the questions they may ask you and giving them the answers up front will speed up the process.


thanks , it solved from warranty claim. they fixed it.

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Glad to hear. Was it fixed (if so what was the issue) or did they send you out a replacement?