SoundBuds Slim not charging

Hello. I’m using soundbuds slim for a month and i was realy happy whit it. Last time i listen music and battery ran out.Then i go to the holiday and came back. I try to charge it but i didnt see any light like red charging light. I try to charge it from my pc and my wall charger. I try to charge it from different cables and plugs but it’s not charging and when it’s connected to the charging cable i can feel the heat. It’s get realy hot. I think battery have some problems so i dont try to charge it again.
Please help me.

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Hi @m.furkanakkas,
Sorry to hear that your SoundBuds are not charging. Please reach out to with your order number and the serial number on the SoundBuds (if they have one) for assistance. Thanks!


Sorry for question but where i can found my order and serial number ?

Where did you buy yours from? The order number would be the purchase order number they give you. The serial number would have been on the tag that was on your soundbuds when you got them, it would also be on the box they came in


Thank you. I send e-mail to