Soundbuds Slim not charged/ not charging

So I recently bought the Soundbuds Slim and they have been amazing, but after just the first charge and 6-7 hours of use I had to charge them. I used them until they were out of battery and tried charging it, but there was no red light indicating that it was charging and after plugging it in for 5-10 minutes it started to heat up. I let it stay plugged in for about 45 minutes in which i turned it on again and connected it to my phone in which it said the battery life was full. But just after a minute or so the soundbuds turned off and made the noise of when it has no battery and shuts off. Help would be apprecieated!

First I would try and start to charge them with a different cable and wall plug. And then report back

As mentioned by @elmo41683 the best course of action in the first place is to try to charge with a different cable (and if possible a USB port that supports low voltage like a computer USB 2.0 port).

As you mentioned they heat up after a few minutes charging, this could also be an indicator of a defective pair. If using a different cable / power source fails to resolve please reach out to for support or replacement under your 18 month warranty