SoundBuds Slim Initial Review

Received my new Anker SoundBuds Slim earbuds the other day and thought that its time for a review so… here it goes!

Shipping: As usual, Anker did a great job of shipping the product in a timely manner. everything was packaged well in a bubble envelope and the usual white/blue packaging. (See Photos)

Package: “QuickStart” type fold out card manual, two small bags with different sized earpieces (One for inner earpices and another for the ear holder pieces), a 6"micro USB cable, and the earbuds themselves (In a nice velvety bag) are included in the box.

Pairing: It took less than 30sec to pair mine with my iPhone. Simple long press of the play button until there was a rapid flashing blue light and then selected them from the list on my phone and they were instantly paired from them on.

Fit: For me, the initial set of “ear tips” and “ear hooks” fit perfectly. they were comfortable and never felt like they would come out. I did some jogging and jumping with them and they seemed pretty secure.

Sound: The 6mm drivers seemed to make a nice sound. The lower end of the frequency range sounded full and crisp and the high end was very natural sounding. I don’t have lots of pairs of earbuds that i use, but these are a significant improvement over the stock “earpods”.

Overall: I really like the sound, fit, and ease of use of the SoundBuds Slim earbuds. They are comfortable, sound great, and are super convenient. The magnet to hold them around your neck is a cool feature… a few times i forgot i had them around my neck (Yes, the are that light). Had to look up how to skip tracks (Long press the Volume +/- buttons) but, besides that, everything was super intuitive. I have loved all my Anker products thus far and this was certainly no exception. Plan on trying the other sized tips.hooks to see if they work for my 6 year old (Tablet in the car) and will report back. Right now it will be hard to get them away from me. I’m listening to music now more than I ever did before i go them. Once again, great job ANKER.

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i got mine in today, and i sooooo want a extra pair for my wife.
i have yet to try them on some heavy music.
how long does your stay charged?

would be good paired with the Powercore+ mini just in case need more power on a long day.

They lasted a few days for me… mind you i don’t listen o music all day long, just here and there. However, it was nice to pick them up and have them still be charged after a couple of days without using them.

excellent review