Soundbuds Slim+ dropping sound on right ear very frequently

So I have been buying Anker for all my electronics needs since Anker has existed. I recently added Slim+ Soundbuds to my collection. 6 days after buying and after 4th consecutive day of using it I have started to notice drop in sound from the right ear. This has increased with increased usage. Unsure if it is a firmware issue or hardware issue that is already known or reported. I have given up on using these for now until I can find a permanent resolution or find a more reliable product by Anker.

I know this may sound crazy, but please give them a thorough cleaning. Pay particular attention to the earbud that is having the most problems, clean with a old small toothbrush or even qtip and some hydrogen peroxide.

What happens is that as we wear earbuds, our earwax liquifies and seeps into the earbuds blocking the mesh screen, this in turns causes lower volume or even total sound loss on one side.


If cleaning them doesn’t help, definitely contact Anker support. They are amazing and understanding, and can definitely help you find a solution.

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Personally, I would avoid hydrogen peroxide because it is an oxidizer. I would use isopropanol instead.

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