SoundBuds Slim, Dell Latitude 7490 and Zoom

This shouldn’t be that hard but I guess I’m wrong. My config is a follows.

Dell Latitude 7490
Intel Bluetooth controller
Windows 10 (10.0.18363 Build 18363)
All latest Intel and Audio drivers have been installed.

When paired to the Dell laptop, it shows up as two devices.
Under Output: Headphones (SoundBuds Slim Stereo)
Under Input: Headset (SoundsBuds Slim Hands-Free AG Audio)

The problem is that when I want to join a call with Zoom, the speakers don’t play audio, but the mic works. I cannot seem to get them to work together. I can quit the Zoom call and launch Spotify, I’ll hear a beep likes it’s reconnecting and then I’ll hear the music.

I’ve tried repairing, deleting the bluetooth device and rebooting. Nothing will get these things working with Zoom.


I have the same laptop and can’t get my Soundbuds Slim+ to work. They are connected and I heard a blip of sound before they go silent. The Soundbuds work on my phone and I’m able to use a bluetooth speaker on the laptop.

I would be wonderful to know what needs to be done to fix this. This is a work laptop and I don’t have admin rights on it and we all know how painful calling the “help” desk would be.

That’s a weird issue. Contact support

I got an update from support. I’m very disappointed if this is the case.

According to your description, It seems that the issue was caused by the compatibility between the Anker Sounduds Slim and the App Zoom after discussing with our product team., as it can work with other devices.

To make up for the inconvenience, we’d like to offer you a 15% refund.


Are you out of the return window?

Probably so… Bought back in Nov of last year… WFH made me try to pair these for the first time and thus just now finding the issue. What a shame ANKER.

Take the refund and don’t look back