Soundbuds Slim - cannot pair to laptop

Hi, I cannot seem to pair my NEW Soundbuds Slim (just got it from AMAZON) to my HP Laptop. I already disconnected to other possible devices. HP said there is something wrong with the bluetooth connection of the ANKER soundbuds earphones. Please help!

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Find the manufacturer of your bluetooth adapter in the laptop, fo to their website and then download the latest driver for it. Do Not rely on Microsoft to give you the latest driver because it never does. Once installed you shouldn’t have any problems pairing it, just make sure to follow the instructions to put your headphones into pairing mode


Did you work with HP support and they walked you through the steps of resetting bluetooth, trying to pair with the headset, and checking to see if you have the latest drivers installed?

If not please tell us what they had you do? Also you might want to contact @AnkerSupport via . make sure to tell them what you tried and what HP had you do. Also make sure you give them your serial number.

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in addition to the excellent advice already, keep trying, some combinations take minutes of repeated efforts before works.

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@elmo41683 @Element321 @nigelhealy Thanks a lot for your response. @Janet_C Please try the following troubleshooting:

  1. Please try deleting the pairing history on your device, resetting your device.
  2. Please try to reset your headphones by pressing volume + & volume- together for 2s and then pairing with your device again.
  3. Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on for both the Anker headphone and your device.

If not works, feel free to contact with your serial number and order number. Thanks.:slight_smile:

Yep! I realized that the issue is that the Soundbuds Slim cannot connect to TWO devices at the same time? I know other people with relatively cheaper bluetooth 4.0 earbuds (Aukey brand Bluetooth 4.0) that can pair two devices at the same time. I have a HP laptop + android phone. This device (Soundbuds slim by Anker) seems to be unable to pair with two devices at the same time? Is there something wrong with the configuration?