SoundBuds Slim+ battery life and remaining

Hi, the battery in my soundbuds slim + last only 4h then I hear the warning chime low battery, is that normal? Also how can I check the % of remaining battery?

When you pair it with iPhone (in my case), I am able to see the battery percentage on the screen as well as in the Notification, when you add the Battery Widget, with exact percentage.

There may be options on Androids which I am not aware.

Apart from it, only the low battery beeps / chimes are the only way these indicate on low battery

What type of phone do you have?

The warning chime generally sounds when the headphones or speakers get to 30% and then will continually beep every so often until it gets down to about 5 to 10% at which point I find they shut off.
The estimated run time for all of their headphones and speakers is based off a moderate 60 to 75% volume

Samsung s7 edge

@Tank can probably tell you how to check the battery percentage on that phone

The s7 edge should display the battery percentage provided you have Samsungs smartthings installed. If not I would download that and then your bluetooth battery percentage will display in your drop down menu under smarthings