SoundBuds Slim bass sounds very metally?

I recently bought a pair of SoundBuds Slims earbuds and I’ve noticed that any bass will produce a metally sound. It’s especially noticeable with the volume turned up high. Are the earbuds suppose to be like this?

Technically- No, but it also depends on what songs you are listening. You can also try changing the settings on the equalizer on the audio application you are using on the phone… I know you can change the equalizer on Apple music and Spotify apps.

This also happened to me on a pair if Slims… I actually took them apart, took out the metal screen, cleaned it out with a qtip and alcohol, and reassembled them… sounded fine after I did that.

If none of that works, contact anker if you still have warranty on them

Ok I’ll try. Thank you

@alyespls If your equalizer settings are at default (namely turned off) it sounds like your earbuds are defective, I would suggest you drop an email with your issue, serial no and any troubleshooting steps you may have taken…

Hey. I just got my first anker earphone. They’re the soundbuds slim plus and I’m having a similar issue. The earphones have a metallic sound instead of bass and higher than usual treble. Idk if the sound is supposed to be like that. I’ve tried equalisers, different apos and different devices but the resukts were the same.

Have your “plugged” in the earbuds perfectly in your ears?
Try different ear tips, to get better basses.