SoundBuds Slim and switching devices

I understand that the SoundBuds Slim’s have Bluetooth 4.1, which should be able to pare with two devices without the need for more than one bluetooth radio.
My question is, do the SoundBuds have this feature active, and if so, how can I switch between my two pared devices?
Thanks Thanks for your question. Please be noted that we can pair 2 Bluetooth headphones with iOS devies(iPhone, iPod, iPad) on iOS 8 and above, but can NOT pair 2 Bluetooth headphones with Android devices. In your question, we believe you want to pair one headphone with two phones, please be advised that we cannot pair one headphone with 2 devices at the same time.

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I’ve tried this before. I have an LG G4 and iPhone. I can not be connected to both at the same time. If I turn on my iPhone and connect to the soundbuds while I’m connected to my LG the connection drops from the LG and connects to the iPhone. I had to turn off auto connect on my iPhone to stop this from happening.

This is an issue with Android specifically, I’m not even sure if the newest OS Oreo can handle multiple Bluetooth connections at the same time for Android.

@AnkerSupport you haven’t answered the question. I have the same, I have a set of Soundbuds Slim and 2 iOS devices (iPad and iPhone). How do I switch the connection of my single set of Soundbuds between the two?

This is not a limitation of Android. I have 2 Android devices, Samsung S7 and Huawei M3. I can pair both devices to a different cheap Bluetooth headset at the same time. I cannot do the same with the Anker SoundBuds Slim. It appears to be a poor implementation of the Bluetooth 4.1 standard in the Anker Headset.

I have the SoundbudsTag and I did not know I could be connected to two devices at once. It happened by accident but I can have them paired to both my ZTE Axon 7 and my ZTE Trek 2 and use both, not simultaneously but I can switch between the two devices by stopping the music on one and then playing on the other and viceversa.