Soundbuds: Range Issue When Commuting

I have owned 3 pairs of the Anker Soundbuds and each one has has the same problem:

When I am commuting to/from work on the train, no matter where on my body I have my phone (Galaxy S6 with Marshmallow), the earbuds sometimes cut out briefly, and then when they start playing sound again (half-second to full second later) they speed up the playback to catch up in real time. This happens 6-10 times per hour of audio playback, even on a full charge.

Locations of where I keep my phone on my person: my front pants pocket, my back pants pocket, my side-front jacket pockets, the chest pocket of my jacket and the inside pocket of my suit jacket.

In all of these places, maximum distance of 4’ or so, these “sputters” occur.

Here have been my troubleshooting steps:

  • Restarted my phone
  • Un-paired and re-paired my Ear buds
  • Updated my latest Android version
  • Fully charged the earbuds over night
  • Paired with an iPhone, and had the same issue
  • Happens with the native music player, podcast apps, and even the YouTube app.
  • There is plenty of RAM space and storage available on the devices as well.

This hasn’t happened with my iPad at all, just phone devices.

Is there any sort of firmware on the earbuds to update or any other things I should be checking?



Hi @kmonarq7, welcome to the forums! I know how frustrating dropouts can be while listening to music. Thank you providing all of these details as it definitely helps us understand the issue. Unfortunately, there are some limitations to Bluetooth technology in general. There are a couple things at play here:

  • The human body blocks the Bluetooth signal: Bluetooth signals cannot travel through water very well, and the human body contains a lot of water. When the phone is next to your body, part of the Bluetooth signal is blocked.
  • Busy environments: The other passenger’s phones (with Bluetooth) can cause interference, as well as the train’s communications system.

I have experienced this myself: there is a walking trail near where I work and every time I walk past an old radio tower (that must still be in use), my Bluetooth headphones cut out, no matter what pair/brand I use.

Your iPad has a larger Bluetooth antenna which is likely what helps alleviate the issue.

Feel free to reach out to if you have any additional questions or concerns. They will be glad to help you!


Thanks @TechnicallyWell. I really like these earbuds, so much so that I don’t ever want to go back to wired sets. They’re extremely comfortable compared to any other set I have ever owned, wired or wireless. I rave to my peeps about it, even with the minor issues.

I have a few follow ups:

  • Are these running BT version 2, 3 or 4?
  • Is there a future product release coming, or firmware updates?
  • What should the expected range be when its in a stationary spot without line-of-sight? In my apartment, I get about 40’ or so before I see signal issues. Is that normal?

Thanks for the feedback!!!



Hi @kmonarq7 , all the current SoundBuds run BT 4.0 minimum (depending on your earbud model it might be 4.1).

I don’t believe firmware updates are normally produced for the Soundbud range but Anker have recently released the SoundBuds Slim model, so model revisions and new versions are always being looked at.

As for distance, you normally have a maximum of 15m for BT (or 49ft in old money), so getting disruption at the 40ft mark sounds about right depending on obstructions such as walls, temperature or RF interference.


@TechnicallyWell @ndalby Thank you so much for your professional and timely response! We really appreciate it. @kmonarq7 Due to the limit of Bluetooth technology, we confirm the Bluetooth range will be affected by the crowded people. The Bluetooth version of Anker Soundbuds Sport is 4.0. The Bluetooth range will be 66ft from our test in an open area. It will be shorter in real use, therefore, 40ft is reasonable. If you have any quality concerns about Anker products, please feel free to contact us via We will try our best to help you out ASAP.

I’m experiencing the exact same issue with a Samsung S6. The phone is on my desk, directly in front of me with no obstructions (like my body) , about 2 feet away.

This is happening fairly consistently. I haven’t had this issue with other Bluetooth products, including my Anker SoundBuds Sport headphones.

This is clearly an issue with these specific headphones.