Soundbuds NB10 won't turn off/on

Hey guys I need help with a problem that I have. My Soundbuds NB10 won’t turn off or on. It happened this morning when I tried turning them off but it didn’t work so I waited till they turned off by themselves. Later in the afternoon I tried turning them on but it didn’t work. Forgot to mention that I charged them yesterday. Any suggestions?

Is there a way to reset it? Have you tried charging it up? If any of these work, contact Anker at and they’ll troubleshoot with you. Customer service is top notch. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Nhi for the help. I’ll try to see if any of those techniques will work. If they don’t, I’ll try contacting Anker next. Thanks again! :+1:

I’ve tried charging them up but they still won’t turn on.

Thank you for your update. Sorry to know you have problems with the earbuds. From your description, the button of the earbuds should be defective. We also received your email about this issue. We will help you with the exchange ASAP. Please find our reply in your email :grin:

mine have also stopped turning off/on . i can charge them up but b they will stay on top they die. i can’t turn them off is there a way to fix them???