SoundBuds NB10 update any time soon?

I like the overall behind the ear design, as it provides a more stable fitting. But a couple nitpicks have kept me from diving in.

It doesn’t seem like you have any upgrade options to ear tips, if say… you lose one or want to swap them out with a different kind (comply tips).

I have the the Sound Buds Sports and the battery life was hit or miss. Some charges will yield me 4.5hrs, some maybe less. Not much changes in the playing habits, as I start the music and have phone in pocket. Volume usually stays the same. I may be asking much, but better battery life is always good.

This is just my feedback about the product and not a review. I hope that my feedback helps to create better products in the future. With that, is there any chance up seeing updated bluetooth headphones in the near future?

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There are new buds on FCC site such as Soundbuds Life.

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@gooobiePLS Thank you for your feedback to Anker NB 10 earbuds. From your description we can feel you love to Anker. Your comment from a professional perspective is much appreciated and we have filed your suggestions for our future improvements. We will keep improving the eartips as well as the battery life. We do have new earbuds and they will be released pretty soon:smiley:Please keep an eye on our website. Any quality related problem of Anker products, please feel free to contact us via Thanks!

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