SoundBuds NB10 Pairing Question

Has anyone found a way to force a reset on the NB10’s so you can pair without having to forget them on a previously paired device?

Wanted to quickly pair with my iPhone a few days ago (in the house) but as soon as they were turned on they linked to my iPod touch upstairs. Tried holding the pairing button to no avail…ideas?

The easiest way would be to temporarily turn off Bluetooth for the device you don’t want to pair to.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I ended up doing, just wasn’t certain if there was a reset button combination to avoid those future drudge’s up the stairs to find my last paired devices :sob: :laughing:

I want to use my SoundBuds Slim with two phones (work: Nokia, Personal: iPhone6). I use the technique mentioned here: turn off BT of current device and BT on with other device. From iPhone to Nokia this method works a treat…I can toggle the quick tray BT button of both devices. HOWEVER going from Nokia (Winfone) to iPhone the technique is not as seamless…iPhone will not automatically pick up the Soundbuds in Pairing mode. I have to go into settings and manually select the Sounbuds Slim profile.

Is this the same for others when switching to iPhone from other devices?

I hear you, I have a Thinkpad (running Linux), a Chromebook, a Nexus 7 tablet, Pixel C tablet, OnePlus3T and a Moto G4 Play phones. Each has its foibles, e.g. my Pixel C seems overly keen to keep the pairing going, it will auto connect even if I tell it to disconnect, it keeps retrying. Compare with say my Chromebook which I have to manually select the Slims each time.

I recommend you just accept as a fact of life, BT is not as consistently simple as we’d all like, each local “stack” has its own implementation.

Could be worse… the Mini speaker I couldn’t get to work at all in some of the devices (laptops specifically).

thanks for sharing the pain!