SoundBuds Lite Play Button doesn't work on Android Pixel PHone

All buttons on my new SoundBuds Lite work as advertised except the play button, which stops playback, but does not restart it for any podcast or music app on my Android Pixel. Unfortunately this is an essential feature for me.

Hi @Eric_Cutter,

Did you test the functions with another phone?

Did you use Google Search once? IT seems to be a Bluetooth problem with pixel devices…

You can try to delete the BT device from your Phone and reconnect it. :thumbsup:


No this is not the fault of BT or phone. Same happened to me while using my soundbuds lite, actually my phone was on smart battery saving mode and music was closed automatically once it stoped while the screen is off. I could stop the playback back but it didn’t resume on next press.
I added Music and Music Effects into the white list. Since then its working fine.

Another reason;
Remember that the music app should be visible in your notification panel, once you stop it thru BT play/pause button. If its not there you might blocked its notification rights and you need to allow it.