SoundBuds Lite not powering on

Hi All,

Recently brought SoundBuds Lite from Aliexpress and its really sounds good for music, clear audio over calls and not even a month of using it.

I order in aliexpress during 11:11 and got delivered by 9th of Dec where am in india.

Yesterday I charged fully and turn off when blue lights appeared and today morning I tried powering on, unfortunately not getting powered on.

Tired multiple options to power on by hold power button for a while and no luck, can someone help me to turn on or confirm if there is problem with the device since, its still in warranty.

Also do let me if there is any reset option to power on with this device SoundBuds Lite.

Appreciate for quick reply.

Hi @senthil_kumar1,

May I know if the issue happened after you running or doing excise with the earbuds? I would suggest to try another 5V wall charger and cable to charge the earbuds at least 24 hours no matter the indicator is on or off.
You need to make sure the charger and cable are working before you charge the earbuds.

Please tell us the testing result, so we can better help you to solve this problem.:hugging:

Thanks for your quick reply.

Issue started after charging fully last night where I tried turning on in the morning and no responses.

As stated let me charge for 24 hours then let you know with the status.

Do let us know if there is any reset option or troubleshoot settings to turn on.

If the blue light was on then the soundbuds didn’t turn off and ended up dying overnight.

Actually once its charged fully then I turned off to save battery but fails to turn on in the morning.

I charged for almost 20 hours but still no luck n I suspected battery dead, do let me what’s the next action plan

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Send a message with your order number and purchase date as well as any steps taken to troubleshoot and they will help with warranty

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Thanks, Anker support team for your prompt response and guidelines…