SoundBuds Life Wireless headphones in-ear - Short Review

The SoundBudse Life comes into a small package.

These headphones are totally made of plastic and rubber. The plastic is well made, not cheap and the rubber on the back is really comfortable even after hours of use.
The battery covers safely a workday.

Once worn do not weigh and forget to wear them as they are very light. The magnets on the headphones are very comfortable, they hold well and do not accidentally detach.

The sound is well balanced even if the bass, with some audio tracks, tend to prevail over the other frequencies. In the call you feel very well.
The microphone is well positioned and works well. They say they feel like you’re on the phone normally.
The “killer feature” is the vibration. Really useful!
The only disadvantages are the absence of the ANC and the dimensions, not exactly compact.

For 50 euros are good headphones. Recommended!


Thanks for sharing. Great review and pics.

Does the plastic wrap get in the way or is it shaped in a way that it stays out of the way when moving around?

They looks very nice.

I’m just wondering how vibration is given - when music sings or only when call is arriving? :slight_smile:

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Do you call this wired or wireless. It some sort of hybrid…

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Nice review @SimoneO , thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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I think it’s wired headphones, lol.

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nice review

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:slight_smile: review.

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Is shaped! No worries…

Really?.. Hybrid is the right word…
Are both wireless and wired :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: just when phone rings!

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