SoundBuds Life Ear Buds

I just received my new SoundBuds Life earbuds from Anker and I wanted to share my thoughts about these earbuds as I do appreciate product reviews myself.

Design: This earbud has a lightweight neckband made of rubber and plastic. The black smooth rubber wraps around the back of the neck and as it wraps closer to the front it is made of gray plastic on the outside and black plastic on the inside. The earbuds themselves are attached to the neckband and have a wire (approximately 10 inches) attached to the earbuds. One thing that was disappointing for me was that the earbuds don’t retract or tuck in somehow for safe storage, rather, they are magnetized at the back of the earbud and stick together for storage. This can potentially get snagged on something and ruin the earbuds if just thrown into a bag or purse. The good about this is it does come with a black bag (for a case), a few different sized ear tips for in ear comfort and a small Micro USB cable for charging.

Controls On the inside of the silicone neck band it is marked “L” and “R” for orientation of how it should be worn. On the left (inside) there is the power button, LED indicator (power and charging) and a built in microphone. On the outside part of the left arm is the multi-function button used for calls and play/pause for music. On the right side (inside) are independent volume +/- controls and the usb plug to charge the earbuds and on the outside is the ANKER logo.

Sound I think this is the most important part of the review! While I listened to many different genres of music and some sound tests, my impression is…the quality sound of the headphones gives me what I want and like in earbuds when I listen to music. Although the sound is good, I found that it is a little bass heavy, which I like. I’m no audio enthusiast, but I do like the sound these earbuds put out. They handle the ranges of sounds really well and produces clear distinct sound. As I was relaxing trying to listen I did feel immersed in the music.

Conclusion I am very pleased with the sound as it produces a very clear distinct ranges that I can hear. I appreciate how lightweight these are. Usually when I have something around my neck for a long period I tend to get a headache from the sensitivity of my neck. These have not given me a headache so far. I also appreciate these earbuds don’t pull from one side to the other when I turn my head as most of the earbuds I’ve worn in the past have done. I am pleased with these earbuds!


Thanks for your review, any chance you have any pictures you can share? It makes it helpful for people who may be interested in these to have visuals


Please share pics if you can. We are always want to get user perspective. Stock pictures are good but having real life pictures give us a better idea about the products we are thinking about purchasing.

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Agree with the others… pics help others identify the item. Thank you for sharing your review. :slight_smile:

great review :blush:

Great detailed review! Would love to see photos to go along with your talking points!

Good review @jaycamacho , have the same set myself and despite reservations over the around the neck design they often get daily or twice weekly use at present…

As others have mentioned it would be good if you could post some of your own pics to help others with identifying the product and aspects mentioned in your review…

Pictures grab my attention. Good story keeps me reading to the end. :wink:

Sorry for not attaching these pictures with the original post, so here they are. If anyone would like more pictures please let me know.

Thank you.

Hello, I’m posting here because I couldn’t find it elsewhere.

I bought the Soundbuds Life 2 weeks ago for daily use at work and they’ve been fantastic!

That being said, today the volume control buttons and the “answer/pause/play” button doesn’t work.

The only button that works is the power button.

Is there a way to reset the device?

Please and thank you.

Hi @Roberthsweetland if you press the volume up/down buttons at the same time for 2-3 seconds this should reset the SoundBud Life and also clear the BT pairing records for them.