SoundBuds Life Compatible with Google Assistant?

In the users manual for some Anker earbuds, it says that if you hold down the play button for 1 second you can activate the voice assistant on your phone. I am struggling to do this with my SoundBuds Life on Samsung Galaxy Note5. Google Assistant is enabled to where if I hold down the home button, it goes right to it, but it does not seem to be activating by pressing the play button on the neckband. Has anyone had more luck than me with this? All help is much appreciated - thanks!

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If you can’t figure that out you can always use the “OK Google” command as long as it’s enabled for use on every screen.


@joshuad11 Thank you for your question and sorry for the misunderstanding. Please be advised that we can hold the play button to wake up the Google Now, however, we are unable to wake up Google Assistant. Google Assistant is similar to Alexa, we can only make it work via the APP. Thanks