Soundbuds Life A3270

Well, I get these out of the box and I’m pretty excited to get a pair of in-ear headphones that have such a huge lifespan, great sound quality, and are pretty light. I charge them, turn it on, and go to my favorite testing songs…

Well, at full volume I the sound is still lower than I’d ever normally run my headphones. I figured I’d try here first. I already did that rest thing via holding the volume buttons for fifteen (15) seconds. I was really hoping that would help, but alas. I checked all of the volume options too. So I dunno. I’m clueless on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What phone are you using? Also have you tried changing the eartips? That goes a long way in how loud or low the volume would be if you do not get a good seal on your ears

You should use an eq where its really possible to increase the volume.
(preamp) But not too high, this will lead to distortions.
Depends on the source you are using.

I’ve changed tips, and I’m on a Samsung S9+

YouTube Music (Red), and I use SoundAssistant. It’s real useful for lowering the volume from games if you want the sounds, but in the background to whatever you’re listening to. I made sure it’s up as high as it’ll go without distortion beyond what I’m okay with

Its good you found a way to “get what you want” :grinning:

With my possibilities can do more than 100%
(usually I am listening at about 20% when speaker (earbuds)
are at full volume.)